Here at InnovaMed, we have a passion for helping people who are dealing with knee pain. We provide a cutting-edge, non-surgical program for knee pain that does not require surgery, steroids, extensive recovery times, or prescription medicines. We’ve helped thousands of patients avoid the hazards of knee replacement surgery by helping them in getting out of pain and returning to a more active, confident, and healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to cure knee discomfort without the use of intrusive surgery or lengthy rehabilitation. Our treatment programs have been approved by the FDA and are based on the most recent medical research.

Most people experience some sort of knee pain during their lives. Whether you are growing or starting to age and get older, your knees do a lot for you every single day. Knee pain will definitely have a negative impact on your day-to-day functions, and that is why it is so important to try to address pain as soon as it begins.

Our licensed practitioners will find the perfect way for you to get rid of your pain. We will address the underlying issues that are causing your knee pain and come up with a game plan to relieve your pain for good.

Knee Pain Solutions Near Me

There are a lot of different treatment options to reduce your knee pain. Often we use a combination of different therapies to help ease the pain. Through non-invasive ways, this treatment is already providing patients with actual, long-lasting relief from knee pain, stiffness, and other symptoms of degenerative joint disease and knee discomfort, all while being covered by Medicare and many commercial insurances!

Though many people believe that pain is a part of aging, there are many symptoms that will let you know that you should seek treatment. If you are in pain and your ability to move is being affected by your knee, you should schedule a consultation. If you notice that you are limiting your activity or taking medication on a regular basis, it may be time to see us. We will address the issues regarding your knee and help you get back on your feet pain-free.

Here is a pre and post photo from one of our patients who was experiencing a very painful overlap of her bones. This specific patient had a serious deformity that caused her bones to overlap. After treatment with hyaluronic acid, off-loading knee brace, and physical therapy the pain and overlap have reduced significantly! Our patient wanted to avoid surgical replacement of her knee and we were able to help her knee. Contact us today to learn more about relieving knee pain!

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