Constant tension can cause muscle tightness or knot formation. Trigger points are knots in the skin that are easily sensed and painful when touched. They can produce pain both locally and in a referred pattern.

Trigger-point injections often provide immediate relief and are used when a patient is in so much pain that they are unable to have any other physical therapy treatment. A trigger point injection is a technique that loosens these tensed muscles and relieves pain. To help numb the pain, a local anesthetic substance is frequently injected into the region. To help reduce inflammation, a local anesthetic drug may be administered alongside a steroid injection. The entire procedure takes only a few minutes to finish.

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Because the technique is quite easy and basic, the risks and side effects are few and few between. There may be some minor discomfort at the injection site, as well as some bruising. Patients who are given several doses of steroids over the year may see changes in blood sugar levels and weight.

Trigger point injections are effective at relieving pain caused by muscle tightness. However, it’s important to remember that while these injections can help with pain, they’re not a cure. After the procedure is completed and the patient can head back home and they are usually seen in clinic or in the outpatients department after about four weeks. If you have pain and think trigger point injections are right for you, then reach out to the team at InnovaMed today to schedule your consultation!

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