My knee pain had severely limited my ability to do just about anything, to walk and enjoy my extended family and friends.
InnovaMed focused on what they could do to improve and extend the quality of my life now.
I am happy to report that as a result of working with them for most of last year, I am feeling healthier, and much more active, and in better overall health than I have in years.
– Charlie
Durham, NC

I meant to do this earlier. I am a home inspector that crawls through crawlspaces, on top in rafters in attics, and am basically on my knees all the time. I was in debilitating pain that made me feel that at age 71 I would have to retire. I received five hyaluronic acid injections in each knee over a period of 10 weeks. It is a material which is similar to a buffering material the body naturally produces. It has been transformational for me such that knee replacement is off the table and Medicare and Plan F supplement paid for it all. I was fitted with braces after each injection that was guided by ultrasound to properly align my knee. I inspected a large 131 year old house today which was very demanding on my knees. I held up, and I am sore and using my pump-up ice pack provided by Medicare at no cost by their office to sooth my sore knees. Many thanks to Nick Isbell for the painless injections and all of the quality, caring people on staff!
– B Delamar

I recently had stem cell replacement at InnovaMed for my knee. After years of pain and finally being told I needed knee replacement this was an alternative I could live with. I am completely pain free now and have been able to resume my level of activity that previously had been curtailed. They were professional, kind and respectful. I highly recommend the team in InnovaMED.
– Amanda C.

When searching for alternatives to a knee replacement for my OA, I had a course of PRP injections done at InnovaMed. The results have been amazing. Less chronic pain. No more sharp acute pain. I’m able to return to the gym and live life more normally. The procedure was efficient, effective, and done professionally right in the office. The staff at InnovaMed treat you like part of the family!
– Patrice I.

Dr. Dave has been nothing short of a godsend! I am an extremely active person, but got sidelined by an extensive shoulder surgery, which lead to intense headaches that would last for weeks at a time. I was impressed at my first appointment by how much time he spent listening to me, learning about what was going on, and working with me to create a plan for how to get back to my favorite activities. Dr. Dave, Tracy, Unique and Lettie have continued to care for me in the midst of another shoulder surgery, concussions, and other accidents that have come up and have been so gracious in really trying to get to the root(s) of my pain instead of treat the symptoms.

In addition to receiving chiropractic care, I have benefited from Craig’s incredible massages that have played a huge part in my recovery and have become a part of my self-care regimen. I have also started working with Nick for headache management and and recovery support for my shoulder with the expansion in regenerative medicine.

These folks are legit when they say they want to care for you. Each of them have taken the time to get to know me as more than a chart in a file or a patient on a list. I genuinely feel like they want what’s best for me and have put in countless hours to help me get back to an active lifestyle and doing the things I love!
– Nina M.